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Satisfied Clients

Traci Smith - "I have taken both the Home Invasion Response, and Women's Self Defense courses from this team, and they were very affordable and gave me valuable knowledge and skills. Even if you never need to put the skills into practice, (and we all hope not to have to!!) just knowing what to do to defend yourself, your family or others gives you a confidence that is priceless. As I've said before, my Momma-Bear instinct gives me the drive to protect my children at all cost, and what I have learned from these courses have given me the skills to help me be effective. I will be looking forward to taking more awesome courses from F.I.R.E!!!"

Josh Russell - "I've been in their Mixed Martial Arts program for awhile now. It's great for anyone wanting to fight or just wants to learn how to defend themselves. I came in with no background in any sports or fighting, and I have learned a ton from them. We do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, a little bit of Judo, kickboxing, boxing, and pretty much a mix of everything. Great exercise too. Come check us out!"

"The concealed carry class was above and beyond my expectations. Having had a license in a different state, I have been through a class, however not quite similar. These professionals made the course interesting, and kept it fun and informative for everyone involved. Coming from a background in firearms, I was pleased to find out that there was still much to learn, and these are definitely the guys to teach it. I look forward to more advanced classes with FIRE Defensive Skills, and would recommend them to even the most experienced shooters. Thanks again guys!"
Joey A. White
 ROV Senior System Supervisor
Canyon Offshore
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Pro Deo, Pro Familia, Pro Patria
Dan Trechter - "The link I attached to my status is the company our 2 instructors have created. They are Air Force Veterans and Police Officers in a neighboring community. If you ever get a chance to take a class from Gary Williams & Frank Heiman I promise it's worth your time. They are two stand up individuals with integrity second to no one. They teach civilians, military, & law enforcement."
B. Rose - "I wanted to start off by thanking you guys for offering such an awesome class (Gun Fighting Around Vehicles)!  My brother and I can't stop talking about it, and discussing all the tactics we learned yesterday.  Again, awesome class...we can't wait to attend your other classes, including this one again!"
Kenna Burns - "The Women's Self Defense course was awesome, you really missed a great opportunity. It was fun, exciting, and stressful. The greatest part is that you can walk away knowing that you are more aware and ready for whatever life brings you. The F.I.R.E group is professional and believe in helping others. I can't wait to have them back to Burlingame. Defensive Skills, personal safety, caring instructors = Priceless".