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Q:  Where can I get an application for the Kansas Concealed Carry permit?  A:  Download it here:  http://ag.ks.gov/docs/default-source/forms/concealed-carry-application.pdf?sfvrsn=16
Q.  How much are the fees, and to which agency are they payable?  A:  You will need a check or money order for $100, payable to the Attorney General, and a check or money order for $32.50 payable to the Sheriff's Office of your county. 
Q.  What is the process after I complete the 8 hour CCH class?  A:  You will need an filled out application, the check or money order for the KS AG, and your local Sheriff.  Also, you will need a passport style photo, that you will attach to your application.  Take all of these items to your local Sheriff's Office.  The Sheriff will finger print you, and process your information.  In approx. one to four months, if approved for a permit, you will receive a letter indicating that you have been approved.  After that, take your letter to your local DMV, and complete the process for the physical license.  

Q.  Do you offer private training?  A.  Yes, please send us an email, or give us a call for a quote on private training sessions. 

Q.  Do I need a handgun to take the CCH class?  A.  No, you may borrow one, use another student's firearm, or contact us to make arrangements.  You also do not need to qualify with the same firearm you want to carry.  You may use any handgun for the class, then carry something completely different.