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Knife Attacks

Posted by firedefense on April 30, 2014 at 10:30 AM
Knife attacks

As long as people have used knives as tools, they have also used them as weapons.  Knife attacks are not a new thing, but it seems recently, knives have been used in several high profile cases.  In one particular case, at least 20 people were injured in the attack.
What would you do if faced with an assailant with armed with a knife?  The obvious answer would be to pull your firearm, and attempt to defend yourself.  You'll notice I said "ATTEMPT" to defend yourself.  Could you pull your weapon before the attacker buried his blade six inches deep in your chest?  If you said yes, then chances are you've had some training.  If you aren't sure, or "think so", then you probably have never thought about it, or have never received any training in defending against an edged weapon. 
Many of you have heard of the Tueller Drill.  Some haven't, so I'll give a brief description of it.  Sergeant Dennis Tueller, of the Salt Lake City, Utah Police Department wanted to find out how quickly an average officer could draw their weapon from the holster, and stop an attacker charging them from a distance of 21ft.  It took most officers approximately 1.5 seconds to draw their weapon.  
I have done this drill many times, and I'm here to tell you, that it is challenging.  It sounds easy, but once you are the one standing there, and someone armed with a training knife is about you jam it in your gut, things change in a hurry.  With that said, there is a simple way to win.
Movement.  If you wish to try the Tueller Drill, first, get a training firearm, or Airsoft pistol.  Have your training partner stand 21 feet away.  Once your partner starts their motion towards you, draw your weapon and move off the "X", or other words, the place you were standing.  I don't really care where you move too, just move.
Like every new drill, the first couple of times you do it, you'll fumble your way through.  But with enough reps, you'll get better, and hopefully be better prepared, for the day when you're faced with an edged weapon. 
Until next time, train hard, and stay safe!
Team F.I.R.E.  

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