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Are you too old?

Posted by firedefense on December 11, 2013 at 8:30 AM

Are you too old?

I'm sorry dear reader that I've been away for a few months. Life has been hectic, and you all weren't here a couple of months, so this article might be a bit dated.

Like some of you, I did the Tough Mudder event this year at Heartland Park. My brother and I run a lot of 5k obstacle runs, and even some longer courses, but this one was clearly head and shoulders above the rest in terms of difficulty. While I finished in a respectable (for me) three hours, I admit the last two miles were very hard. I'm still nursing a knee injury from the event. I can still run, but not more than a mile and half without some pain. I'll survive, but I can assure you that I will not be partcipatng next year. I've done it, got the Tshirt, and have the head band to prove it.

With that said, how many of you did it too? I personally know of a few of you who did, but what about the rest of you? Too busy, too hard, too out of shape, or are you too old for this sort of thing? I heard every excuse while training for Mudder, especially the "I'm too old for that sort of thing". My own grandma, bless her heart, told me I was too old, and perhaps a less stressful past time was best for me. Clearly, I told her she was crazy, but in a nice, loving grandson kind of way.

While on the course, I had a chance to meet two very inspiraional people. Both were older guys, and by older I mean 60 or older. The first guy I met was keeping up with my brother and I, both young pups to him. He was laughing at the people he was leaving behind. As we were struggling to get through an obstacle, I asked him what the secret was, and he told me something I already knew. Keep training, never give up, and have fun. I told this guy that it was great to see him out there, and I loved his attiude. He said thanks, and then proceeded to out run me!

The second "older" guy I met, was running with his son. He told me that they liked to spend their weekends running the Tough Mudder all over the country. He said that they had run the event on Saturday too (we were running on Sunday). I told this guy that I was inspired by his toughness, and he told me to never quit having fun. Then both of us proceeded to get the crap shocked out of us in the Dark Lighting obstacle!

I hope these stories inspire you to go out, have some fun, and ever get old. Okay, we're still going to get old, but never lose your sense of adventure, and willingness to try. We all have seen older folks who have just quit on life. Don't be them. Life every day like it's your last, and always be willing to try something new.

Until next time, train hard, and stay safe!


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