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My last article ever!!

Posted by firedefense on December 2, 2012 at 12:45 PM

My last article ever!!

Okay, if the world doesn't end on Dec. 21st, you will unfortunately read my

dull words again very soon. I know not all the articles are bad, they just

seem like it to me!

Well, how many of you are ready for zombies to strike in force on the evening of the 21st?

I know just about everyone is saying they are ready, but are you? Do you have your Bug Out

Bag ready? Do you have enough food and water for you and your family? What about your kids

if you have any? Are you prepared to keep them alive as well? Do you have enough ammo to

last a couple of weeks? Have you networked ahead of time with others, to seek shelter in

case you can't stay at your residence? There are so many questions, and so little time to

get ready!

Since many of you will depend on family and friends for protection, are they ready to Shoot,

Move, and Communicate? If you don't know, I bet it's safe to assume they are NOT ready to

do this. Here's a simple drill that you can do with your friends or family to help them

prepare to keep the zombies at bay while you move from one safe place to another.

Moving/Move drill ‐ Start by working with two people. Set up two targets, move back to the

15yrd line, and to either the far left, or right side of the firing line. Shooter #1 will

initiate the drill by shooting at both the first and second targets. Shooter #2 will then

yell "Moving", to which Shooter #1 will yell back "MOVE". Shooter #2 will move around the

back of Shooter #1 approx. 5‐7yrds. Shooter #2 will set up online with Shooter #1, and

start shooting both targets. At this time Shooter #1 will yell "MOVING", to which Shooter

#2 will respond with, "MOVE". Shooter #1 will move around Shooter #2, and set up online and

start shooting. Both shooters will keep doing this until they reach their destination.

What you are doing is simply leap frogging your partner.

When first attempting this drill, just walk it using unloaded firearms. As you get better,

incorporate live fire. You should do this with handguns, rifles, and shotguns. When you

really feel like accomplishing something, start with a long gun, and transition to a handgun.

Never stop moving, just transition and keep moving.

My wife and I like to do this drill a lot, as it gets the blood pumping a bit, and also

builds the bonds of marriage. Heck, I don't even mind having to replace the light bulbs in

my tail lights that have the filament blown out of them, which tends to happen when we shoot

around the vehicles.  I hope this simple drill adds a bit of fun to your holiday shooting regimen.

Until next time (or not), train hard, and stay safe!

Team F.I.R.E. 

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