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The worst possible time.

Posted by firedefense on October 9, 2012 at 12:50 AM

The worst possible time.

In this rant, I want to take a stroll off into left field a bit. I want to talk about "SHTF" (Stuff Hitting The Fan) at the worst possible moment.

Each of us probably has thought about reacting to some unforeseen event, (or threat) that requires us to spring into action in a moment's notice. When we do think of this "SHTF" moment, we all see in our minds eye, that we come out the victor. This is because we were fully rested, had the best gear, used OUTSTANDING tactics, and have the blood of Rambo running through our veins. But is this reality? Most likely, the "SHTF" moment will happen when we are least prepared for it. I envision the zombie hordes attacking while I'm at the zoo with my family, or most likely when I forgot to grab a gallon of milk, and had to make a Wal-Mart run at 2am. It will never happen when I'm sitting at my house, AR-15 in hand, with all the mags loaded, and ready.

I know we are talking about a fictional (or is it...) event, we all know that stuff happens when we least expect it. Are you ready to fight the guy that is getting pissed because the cashier is taking too long? Are you prepared to render first aid to the person enjoying a day at the park? How about being prepared to hunker down in your vehicle if you are caught in a snow storm? I know some of you can answer yes to all of these, but what about the other 90%? If you aren't ready, why not?

Here are some things that I personally have done to help myself prepare for that unexpected "SHTF" moment:

1. I put gun in my vehicle, and my wife's. I have a gun safe in each vehicle that can be bolted down, or cable locked around the seat. I also keep extra ammo in each safe, and a little cash too. These guns NEVER leave the vehicle, except to get shot and cleaned. They are returned ASAP, because I don't want to be caught trying to get home with no protection.

2. Emergency break down kit. This kit has all the standard stranded car stuff. I have added another blanket, water, and a little food to the kit to make sure I have provisions to last me a few days if need be.

3. First aid training. I try to get as much training as possible. I'm always on the prowl for more, and this defiantly includes first aid training. A good resource that I like to utilize, is the American Red Cross. Check out their website for all kinds of first aid training. The best thing is, most of it is cheap, and readily available. Also make sure you keep several first aid kits around. At least one for the vehicle, and a couple for the home.

4. Training, training, training. Please seek out all kinds of training. It's good to be well rounded, and it's easy to do in this day and age. If you can afford to attend live training, that is the best way to go, but if you can't, get some DVD's, or even check out YouTube, it's a great resource for just about anything you want.

I hope some of my ranting sinks in for some of you, but I know lots of folks will just dismiss my article with the attitude of "nothing like that will happen to me". To all of you who are preparing for that "SHTF" moment, I'm happy to hear it. As for the rest of you, please keep on believing it won't happen to you.

Take care, and stay safe!

Team F.I.R.E.

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