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Self Defense & Firearms

Self defense is more than just being able to fight. It is the ability to overcome physical adversity and to even avoid a fight in the first place. With each of our self defense and firearms classes, you will gain the tools to overcome almost every situation you may encounter.

We offer the following self defense centered classes:

Women's Self Defense & Rape Risk Reduction seminar - This class covers many simple and effective defenses to many rape and assault situations. This class will be stress based because the actual situation shouldn‘t be the first time you try a new technique.  If you are planning to attend this class, please wear comfortable shoes, and workout clothes!

Home Invasion Response -  This four hour class will deal with the realistic possibility of a home invasion. Do you have a plan? Do you have the skills to deal with an intruder? During this class we will cover:  weapon selection (both firearms and improvised weapons), flashlight tactics, building clearing techniques, plan development, and legal aspects.

Basic Defensive Tactics -  In this four hour class, we will cover basic open hand strikes (closed handed strikes cause injury), leg strikes, basic ground defense, basic knife defense, and limited knife strikes. 

Emergency First Aid - First aid isn't typically what you think of when it comes to self defense.  Well, it should be!  Self defense is all about being prepared to handle a physical assault.  But what happens after the assault?  What do you do if you or a family member is injured?  Can you stop the bleeding?  Can you treat someone for shock?  During this intense 4 hour class, we are going to help you answer some of those questions.  We will cover such topics as:  Gunshot wounds, tourniquet use, shock, CPR, puncture wounds, heat emergencies, legal aspects, and more.

F.I.R.E. Modern Self Defense - For more info, please visit the Martial Arts page. 


We offer the following firearms centered classes:

Pistol Fundamentals 1 - Included in this four hour class: The fundamentals of pistol marksmanship such as: stance, grip of the pistol, sight alignment, and trigger manipulation.  This class will also address the draw from a holster, and proper re-loads.  This class will also include live fire drills.

Pistol Fundamentals 2 - Included in this four hour class: Review of marksmanship fundamentals, clearing common malfunctions such as stove pipes, failures to fire, and double feeds.  This class will also address one handed shooting (both right and left), tactical re-loads, threat scanning, position Sul, and distance shooting with the handgun.  This class includes live fire drills.

Intro to the AR-15  - In this four hour class we will cover the basic parts and functions of the AR family of rifles.  We will also cover the fundamentals of marksmanship, and live fire drills.

Intro to the SKS and AK-47 rifle - In this four hour class, you will learn the fundamentals of marksmanship, working different positions , and establish a zero (hitting what you're pointing at) for your rifle. 

Defensive Shotgun - This is NOT a basic shotgun class.  During this four hour class, you will be exposed to new ideas when it comes to running your shotgun.  We will cover topics such as:  Combat loading, tactical loading, proper combat stance, shooting from the kneeling and prone positions, and shooting over barricade.  This class does include live fire drills.

Defensive Handgun Tactics  1 - In this four hour class, you will be introduced to tactics such as: Drawing a handgun from a concealment garment, proper use of cover, shooting from positions other than standing, and one handed malfunction clearance.  This class will include live fire drills.

Defensive Handgun Tactics  2 - In this four hour class, we will cover topics such as: Shooting off the X, shooting while moving, shooting from a retention position, shooting in and around vehicles, and shooting under stress.  This class will include live fire drills. 

Gun Fighting Around Vehicles - During this class, you will learn how to deal with the realistic possibility of being in your vehicle during a shooting type event.  We will cover such topics as:  proper way to exit the vehicle, shooting over and around the vehicle, shooting under the vehicle, and more.  We will also do Force on Force drills.  This class will be conducted with Airsoft weapons.  NO live ammo is needed.   

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